Mar 25 2015


Over that last month or so I’ve had a lot of clients enquiring about 5 page websites. When I was first approached about them, I must say I was a little confused. I shrugged them off as I thought they can’t be serious. It wasn’t till someone said it to me again and mentioned the cost.

5 Pages, 10 Pages, 100 pages or even 1,000 pages they hold such a small footprint on a website as a whole they don’t need to cost anything more just because you want to elaborate on the services you offer. I will never offer number of page deals on websites not because I’m being unfair but because when I quote for a website I look at what your site is, the features you request are the things that take up time whether you have 10 pages of content on each of your services is like copying and pasting for me.

The more meaningful content you have on your site is ultimately going to improve user experience and also give google a bit more to look at to give you a better chance in the search engines. Yes, there’s an argument for optimising a small set of pages to get higher in google, but can you guarantee that the search term you are focussing on is the one which will create a conversion for you? Why as someone developing your website would I want to cap the amount of traffic your site gets thus limiting its potential?

Please don’t worry about costs per pages, my quotes are based individually and are tailored to suit.

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