Sendy and Paypal IPN

I created this script to integrate between PayPal and Sendy. The idea is that as a seller on eBay you want the buyer to buy from you again in the future but direct thus cutting out the ebay fees. A powerful way to do this is through email marketing offering some form of promotion straight in to the inbox. This can be a lot of work if you get 100+ Customers a day just dealing with that data and sending that email can be a nightmare. Sendy is an extremely good email marketing program which makes use of Amazon SES to send it’s emails. That makes it a million times cheaper than sending via services like MailChimp. Sendy can create drip campaigns/auto responders to automate the whole thing so you can sit back and focus on running your business.

The way this script works is that it is classed as a PayPal IPN Listener, so that when a purchase is made via paypal the script is notified and adds the buyers name, email address, and product name to a sendy marketing list. This then in turn initiates the auto responder/drip campaign to email the buyer as per schedule. This script works with eBay and any other site that uses PayPal allowing you to target previous purchases and offer further discounts and deals in the future. The beauty is you aren’t just limited to one email you can send one email straight away another 10 days later and another a month later and so on. Keeping your businesses name in front of the customer who you know buys your products.

This script is priced at a sensible £25 and includes set up which is I’m sure you’ll agree makes a great ROI.

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